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Cocktails and Spirits Online Course $10

o you know the difference between a Rum and Bourbon? Do you know how they are made? Do you know what a Long Island Iced Tea is? No? Tthis course is for you.

Our Cocktails and Spirits course will provide you with valuable information about spirits, cocktails and how to sell cocktails. This is a non-accredited course and you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

In this course you will learn about:

    • What is a Spirit?
    • Types of Spirits and their origins
    • The Distilling and Fermentation process
    • The use of Spirits in cocktails
    • Advertising and Preparing Cocktails
    • Presenting Cocktails


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Training and assessment is conducted by Clear to Work Pty Ltd RTO 21907.
Your Certificate of Completion will be issued by Clear to Work Pty Ltd.